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of of life without parol and required judges. ktvu's norene jaramillo explains. >>> many people who live here are tall too familiar with the signs and billboards. >> i've seen it so many times it's saturday. but kid are used to it. the community is younger to. they want to get tough with you've nile offenders. >> kids who kit mudders all day long. >> you should be considered an adult, when you do an adult crime you should watch out for yourself. >>> the district ár district attorney's office. california voters changed a lot to allow prosecutors to direct tile. that owns second delimit for complete shar the d.a. says the now ctlol found pamela vacelli. proctor is accused of gunning down delasalle football star kelly last year on the streets of richmond. proctors attorney does not believe his khraoeupd ár client should be tried as an adult. >>> he was 15 years and 2 months old at the time that the homicide occurred. he was in the ninth tkpwraáeurt. and he was a child. >>> deputy public te tepid, does that thaeus and but richmond police say they believe charging teens as adults h vie ren
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1